[NEWS] 120113 JYJ is reported in Chicago Sun-Times article–a first for the Korean singer

Group JYJ was recently reported in Chicago Sun-Times for the first time as a Korean singer.

On January 9 (Local time), the newspaper reported on JYJ and Kanye West, saying that they previously worked together.

Kanye West drew a lot of attention because he was featured in JYJ’s song “Ayyy Girl” from their worldwide album The Beginning.

JYJ was also reported in the British newspaper Guardian on December 29 of last year. The article said, “Kanye West recently worked with K-pop trio JYJ.”

People responded: “JYJ is the best.” “JYJ is going into the world.” “JYJ is acknowledged more in the world.” “I’m eagerly anticipating their next album.”

Do you see the screencap TV Report used? It’s from JYJ3! ^___^

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